Fall-town and down

Mine, All Mine (pt. 1)
When salt mines go sour

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; moreover it was the worst for Bathazar Bux of the Deep hole Mining Company. Desperate to get rid of his kobold problem, he took a chance on four adventurers(read possible thugs and brigands). The four stood on the other side of his sagging table that served as a poor excuse for a desk.

A Cleric, a Sorcerer, a Barbarian, and a knight with a sun emblazoned on his chest piece; received the debriefing from Mr. Bux. A gang of kobolds had raided to his mine a week ago chasing off the workers, possibly murdering one, and preventing any more salt from being extracted for profit. He guaranteed 400 gold to the party for clearing the mine, no questions asked.

The party arrived at the salt mine, no person or kobold there to greet them, only some scattered mining equipment and a water-tower with an aqueduct underneath leading into the mine.

The paladin went first into the dark. Descending down the steep slope and rounding the corner, the paladin ventured forth with rest of the party in tow coming to a chamber 25 ft. deep from the entrance. The room contained a cask for which the aqueduct emptied its water into opposite from where the paladin entered, an enclosure on the far wall to the right of the paladin, and an overturned table in the center of the room. Suddenly, a log swung from the rafters at the paladin, but it was useless against the heavy armor the paladin wore. Two black-scaled kobolds leapt from behind the table giving fierce war cries.

The Barbarian engage and killed one of the kobolds, while the paladin engaged the other unable to end its wicked life but not yielding any blood either. The sorcerer used his ice ray to weaken the kobold engaging the paladin, but then a third appeared in the enclosure slinging a rock at his head creating a massive gash in his cheek. The Cleric heard a noise at the front of the mine, he carefully peeked around the corner back toward the entrance to see a kobold had shoved the aqueduct apart and began pulling on the rope to let loose all the water. The cleric charged the kobold, shouting threats only madmen and murderers would speak. The Kobold, who on closer inspection had one arm in a sling, saw a mad dwarf screaming in what could be an unsavory tone and swinging about a mace while rudely pointing at the kobold. The kobold looked at the dwarf like a cow looks at an oncoming swarm of flesh-eating maggots, “Screw this! I wanna live!” The Kobold dropped the rope and bolted in any compass direction away from the mine.

While the above ground threats transpired, the barbarian took to destroying the kobold that harmed the sorcerer earlier. The creature attempted to hide behind one of the flimsy walls, unfortunately for him, the barbarian smashed through the shanty like an dwarven battalion at a distillery before a fight with the missus. The kobold went flying, wood splinters everywhere, smacking into the ground. The kobold engaging the paladin saw this and wish not the wrath of his opponent should he land any of his blows. The paladin swung at empty air again, but this time the kobold leapt toward the rope holding the elevator to hoist up salt by filling the cask. While mid-air, the kobold wished he had dropped his spear and shield, his scaly claws pawed at the rope but he was unable to catch hold. He plummeted the 40 ft down the shaft, there was a sharp pain, then, a lot more pain, he had a flail chest and possibly a punctured lung. Blood foamed from his mouth, yep punctured lung.

The remaining kobold did not see his friend fall, but he did have the sense to flee the shack and put as much distance between him and the barbarian that just handed him two, no three splinters to the eye. He bolted out the shack toward the corkscrew ramp that would lead him back down to the depths. He just placed one foot on the ramp, when he heard thunderous impacts behind him, then he could not feel his legs. A second later he understood why, they were cut from under him flying past his head as his vision clouded in from the sides. He was dead before he hit the ground

The group waited awhile, then sheathed their weapons seeing nothing else was going to jump out at them. The cleric returned from the entrance, but he returned with a barrel filled with oil and a fuse stuck through the top in what looks to be a cheap bomb the kobolds intended to use. They gathered up the meager coins on the dead creatures, and a map from the office. The cleric picked up a kobold head and began using it as a puppet. The party members were aware he was weird, but not to this extent.

The party ventured down the tunnel the last kobold attempted to escape through. They came to the chamber where the other kobold, who fell down the elevator shaft, had landed. This room showed some actual mining of the salt, large bricks, carved out to the left of the room. To the right, a small underground lake filled with brine, possibly where the water was dumped to bring the lift back down. In the center, a dead body.

The barbarian investigated the body, finding the man’s throat slit open with a crude blade. Investigating further, he found a wooden pendant around his neck. Not worth much money, but worth it to any family that would want it. The sorcerer fought with the barbarian over it, although if they knew more about it, it was a traveler’s pendant for wandering nomads.

The cleric, being a dwarf, noticed a large piling of salt stones and other rocks scattered about. Upon closer inspection, he discovered a illisonary wall with a tunnel burrowed deep into the dark. Checking for traps, the party venture forth into the deep dark of the death tube.


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